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What are the quality standards of color coated steel coil manufacturers

What are the quality standards of color coated steel coil manufacturers

As for the professional color coated steel coil manufacturers, it is necessary to pass the quality standards for the color coated steel coils to be durable in the market. What are the quality requirements for qualified color coated steel coils in the production process of our manufacturers? Mechanical function is an important objective to measure formability and an important parameter to confirm and adjust processing technology, so it should be considered first during processing.

The pencil hardness, T-bend, impact energy and other targets are closely related to the processing function, so they should be fully considered. When the shape of parts is disordered and the deformation degree is large, multi pass forming shall be adopted. If forming at one time, the bonding force between coating and substrate may be damaged due to excessive deformation. During processing, appropriate clearance shall be set according to mold shape, deformation characteristics, process conditions and other factors, and the thickness of coating shall be considered when setting clearance.

Most of the coatings can be used as solid smoothing agents, and can meet the smoothing requirements of most forming processes. Some coatings can improve the smoothness of the coatings by adjusting the formulation. If the smoothness of the coating on the color coated plate of Angang Steel is insufficient, the smoothness can be improved by oil coating, wax coating, strippable protective film coating, etc. However, pay attention to the simple dirt absorption of wet smoothing agent, which should be removed before the device. Strippable protective film shall also be removed as soon as possible after construction.

Reasonable processing speed shall be set according to equipment conditions, process conditions, part shape and other factors. Too high deformation speed will simply lead to coating falling off. The flexibility of the coating decreases when the temperature is low, so low-temperature processing should be prevented. If the ambient temperature is low, the data shall be heated to a certain temperature before processing.


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