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ShanDong Juyesteel Hot-dip Galvalume Steel Coils and Sheets (GL)

ShanDong Juyesteel Hot-dip Galvalume Steel Coils and Sheets (GL)

   Galvalume Steel Sheet_Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheets (GL) are steel sheets with both zinc and aluminum, and is the ideal combination of anti-corrosion and alkali-resistance of zinc, and the durability, heat-resistance, and acid-resistance of aluminum. The galvanized layer is consisted of 55% of aluminum and 43.3% of zinc and 1.6% of silicon per weight, and 80% aluminum in terms of volume ratio, so while the advantages of aluminum is well preserved zinc prevents the risk of red rust on the surface, a weakness of aluminum, and the product combines the strengths of both materials.

  • GLs are 3~6 times more corrosion-resistant compared to GI, but has a similar level of processability and weldability and can replace GIs, and in particular is most suitable when replacing GIs that require thick galvanized layers and high corrosion resistance.
  • Only galvalume steel sheet that is used for roofing and walls without painting because of its unique silver spangles and beautiful appearance and high-corrosion resistance, and is used as a cool roofing material because of its excellent heat reflection qualities.
  • Can replace aluminum gilded steel sheets because for certain purposes of its ele trical conductivity and its heat-resistance qualities even at high temperatures that do not exceed 315℃.
  • Has greater surface hardness than GIs, and is much more wear-resistant.
  • Corrosion resistance increased more with resin-coating treatment, which enables roll forming or press forming without the spraying of processed oils.


Building exterior roofing and walls, heating panels, boilers, pipes, premium fences, distribution panels, refrigerator back plate, DISPLAY, home appliance parts, and etc.


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