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Color steel pressure plate advantage is obvious, but it is not omnipotent

Color steel pressure plate advantage is obvious, but it is not omnipotent

In recent years, the development of steel structure building materials is booming, color steel pressure plate has become the mainstream products.However, with the continuous development of steel structure industry, many problems have been exposed.

Domestic coated steel varieties, quality can not fully meet the demand, the high price of imported coatings reduced the competitiveness, film color board plastic film still need to rely on imports, the lack of thick coating, functional, high strength, rich color high-grade coated board;The product is not standard enough, resulting in a serious waste of resources. There are too many low-production units with a capacity of less than 40,000 tons/year, and there are problems in product quality and environmental resource protection.There are too many new color coating units in China, which far exceed the market demand, resulting in many color coating units operating rate is very low, or even stop production.

On the pressure plate product itself: the maintenance cost is high, due to the external spray paint spray plastic time long will flake, affect the beautiful, so generally about 2 years to do a maintenance, namely spray paint spray, but not maintenance does not affect the use of.Thermal insulation and sound insulation performance is poor, based on the cost of the design, the general color steel plate activity room in thermal insulation and sound insulation performance is relatively weak, if you want to improve the insulation and sound insulation effect, need to thicken the partition layer and partition.The cost will increase.Anti - snow anti - pressure capacity is weak, general boneless color steel room in the anti - pressure capacity is relatively weak, generally only one floor, the frame of the mobile house used C steel and I steel can greatly improve the anti - pressure capacity, but generally also do not recommend for the construction of permanent buildings.It is easy to rust after a long time, because it is steel plate + sprayed material, when the coating peeling, the internal steel plate is easy to rust, thus affecting the use.Late maintenance investment is large.


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