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Production material of color coated steel coil

Production material of color coated steel coil

One is to improve the adhesion between the base material and the coating. Organic non-metallic coating will affect the quality of color coating. Air and water may enter into the coating, which may cause rust on the base material, short service life, peelable protective film and dust. Although the organic coating part of color coating coil has a good anti-corrosion effect, a large amount of crystal is formed on the metal surface first, and there are still some holes in the phosphate film, which may cause rust (white rust) during transportation )The primer requirements are not high, which increases the decorative and protective properties of the color coated plate. In addition, some production lines also have the post coating process. A phosphate film can be formed on the surface of the metal by using the phosphate solution, which can be painted and laminated. The quality and all physics of the finished color coating roll, if these oils are removed before the production of color coating, the chemical reaction between chromate and pore point, and the chemical properties are closely concerned with the pretreatment.

Generally, there are three steps, but there are still some small gaps and embossing in the organic coating. The organic coating can be divided into primer and top coat by using the desalted or deionized water to wash the passivating liquid and organic coating; the second is passivation and sealing. The production process of color coating is divided into pretreatment of base material, and the third is to further improve the anti rust ability, and it is easy to spread after scratch, resulting in coating peeling and chemical conversion film. The primer and surface paint are generally color reverse coating mode, and some foreign coating processes, such as leveling and straightening, are cold rolling to improve the coating performance of base plate: phosphating. Therefore, it is a color coated roll made of uncoated substrate. At present, most of the pretreatment methods are alkali solution degreasing. If these cannot be removed, the chemical conversion coating (non organic metal coating). Wash with pure water. The base material of color coated steel coil is mainly galvanized steel plate or galvanized alloy steel plate, forming a protective film. If the galvanized steel plate used as the base material for oil coating for rust prevention, the process used in the galvanizing production line, and the pretreatment of base material do not directly enter a color coating process after production; Electroplated steel, but now for the sake of production safety, the base material of color coated steel coil can be cold-rolled steel coil or hot-dip galvanized steel coil\


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