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Several Common Galvanizing Methods

Several Common Galvanizing Methods

Cold galvanizing

Cold galvanizing, also known as galvanization, is composed of zinc salt that enters the solution after degreasing and pickling of electrolytic equipment accessories, connects the cathode electrolysis equipment, places zinc plate through the tube, and connects to the anode electrolysis equipment. The power supply uses current to move from the positive direction to the negative direction, deposits a layer of zinc on the pipe fittings, and the cold galvanized pipe fittings are treated.

Mechanical galvanizing

The rotating cylinder equipped with electroplating, glass ball, zinc powder, water and cocatalyst, due to the impact of the medium, the rotating cylinder of the glass ball, and the mechanical energy generated by the friction between the electroplating and hammer surfaces, under the action of the chemical cocatalyst, the galvanized zinc powder is "cold welded" to the electroplating surface, which is uniform, fine, and has a certain coating thickness.

ASTM b695-2000 and military c-81562 mechanical galvanizing standards are adopted.

Hot dip galvanizing

The main method for galvanizing the steel plate surface is hot dip galvanizing.

Hot dip galvanizing is developed from the older hot dip galvanizing method. Since 1836, the French industry has used it for 170 years. However, with the rapid development of cold rolled strip steel, the hot-dip galvanizing industry has been developed on a large scale in the past 30 years.

The production process of hot-dip galvanized sheet mainly includes: preparation of the original sheet → pretreatment before electroplating → hot-dip galvanizing → post-treatment after electroplating → according to the habit that usually depends on the method of electroplating pretreatment, hot-dip galvanizing technology is divided into two categories: annealing annealing and off-line annealing, wet (single hot-dip galvanized steel method), off-line annealing (single hot-dip galvanized steel method), galvanizing Wheeling method (continuous hot-dip galvanizing process for strip steel), annealing Jimmy method, improvement, Jimmy method, steel joint method, Silas method and Sharon method in shielding gas (method).


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